Consulting Services

What we can do for you

Our industry experts from every area of digital operations guide you with their extensive insights and best practices. We primarily focus on fast-changing industries, SaaS technology, e-commerce and general value generation. We can assist you with flexible advice and collaborate with you to plan, design and implement solutions that precisely suit your needs. Likewise, we bridge the gap between the business and IT by taking a comprehensive approach to your project, accompanying it from strategic advising through solution creation to implementation and management of contemporary technology, and guiding it to success.

Key consulting services

The digital transformation brings unexpected challenges to everyone. Today’s business transformations need the development of new and creative software solutions. Companies must map newly generated processes in IT and apply new services when their strategies evolve.

Changes in company processes are caused by constant business decisions and regulatory restrictions. Companies must respond to changing conditions in a flexible manner. This has an effect on your data and systems, putting significant time, money, and innovation strain on you. The problem: The cost and consequences of mistakes grow exponentially when they are discovered later. With our full service approach, we are available to you from planning through implementation and support, demonstrating various agile, traditional, or blended methods. Regardless of the project phase you are in, our experts are there to help you with thorough knowledge and strong communication and methodological skills.

Cloud computing has varied degrees of effect on many sectors of an organization, including IT strategy, IT service management, IT governance, risk and compliance, and a variety of business processes. Aktoh helps you in creating modern, resilient end-to-end cloud architectures, making sure that you can entirely focus on the business logic.

Companies increasingly compete on a worldwide scale for new customers, markets, and competent staff. As a result, proactive innovations are critical to surviving in the future. Aktoh has decades of experience helping countless companies in various sectors including energy, health care and infrastructure.

Most businesses’ strategies now include mobile computing. The efficient mobilization of current processes is critical for our customers. Furthermore, critical issues like as security, ease of administration, and the long-term viability of mobile solutions are highlighted. Grown, diversified consumer environments frequently need multidisciplinary expertise from the system realms concerned.

The effective application of regulatory standards is critical to achieving solutions that assure compliance and get approval from authorities. To do this, we will follow you on the path to compliance towards industry standards, certifications and regulatory hurdles.

The rules and standards for individual divisions in businesses have shifted dramatically: Employees are taught in online classes, research and development information must be provided to coworkers, and many company areas are undergoing, long-lasting transition.

We guide our partners toward an effective IT architecture and infrastructure that is matched with the demands of the business. In doing so, we give assistance ranging from requirement analysis to needs-specific consultation on system and application consolidation to infrastructure operation. Reduced technological and organizational complexity, standardization, increased security, cross-platform interface standards, scalability, and cost savings are some benefits.

Aktoh Group’s business and organizational consultants are specialists in executing change in organizations, managing under changing framework conditions and impacts, and have many years of expertise in various information technology disciplines.

Our definition of e-business encompasses digital commerce in all of its value-creation aspects, including procurement and shipping operations, payroll system, (online) marketing and range management, along with forward and reverse logistics. We see e-business as a revolutionary and process-driven business field, backed by information technology and product-related data ownership, autonomous of end devices, mobile, dynamic, in a continually changing environment, and process-driven. For us, the foundation of successful e-commerce is ongoing change in the sense of “changing” and thorough digitalization. We consider the concept of operations and bring our IT and commerce expertise to bear on your e-business, whether it’s e-commerce or omni-channel retail. E-commerce consultancy from a central entity: strategic and operational advice, as well as IT integration.

E-commerce is similar to a decathlon: to win, you must excel in all disciplines. This implies that the most significant disciplines of e-commerce must be provided first-rate strategic guidance and then technically realized, both for our clients and for us as a consulting firm.