What to expect from us?

Apart from just handing out money, we have a sustainable solution to all of your problems!

With our committed and goal-oriented team, we push you to the limits!

As digitalization becomes a top priority around the world, especially startups are faced with many challenging decisions: How to adapt themselves fast with ever-changing policies and a never-sleeping competition? How to handle globalization and be attractive for clients as well as top talent? How to deal with the current threat landscape full of potential cyberattacks? How to rank themselves higher on top of common search platforms, so that they could get the visibility they deserve?

This begs to have certain questions! How effective is your digital marketing strategy? What protects yourself from expensive legal battles? What makes sure your customer data is well-protected? Are you growing your brand services and targeting the right group of people? Are you easily searchable when relevant keywords are used? Is your social media bringing good traffic? Do you find enough qualified employees? And can you make them stay?

Investment opportunities

Aktoh invests in promising startups that are disrupting their industries’ status quo in the fields of health care, cybersecurity, energy and SaaS. We begin with investments of $50,000 to $1 million and reserve up to $3 million for future rounds.

Join our partner program!

Funding isn’t everything! We also offer our partners unparalleled operational assistance from our team of in-house professionals in marketing, growth, IT consulting, analytics, and cybersecurity. Aktoh has helped out many founders, companies and startups since 2019.